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Rhinoplasty is one of the most desired cosmetic procedures, but many patients are concerned about complications, recovery time and the risk of unfavourable surgical results. Non surgical rhinoplasty is a safe, non invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. The procedure involves dermal filler injections to reshape the nose and is an excellent, affordable option for people who want to reshape their nose without surgery. Result are instant, no general anaesthetic is required and there is no prolonged recovery period. However, not all cases can be resolved using this procedure so an individual diagnosis is very important to ensure that the desired results can be achieved.


Who is suitable for Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Patients with: Slightly crooked nose, Hook shaped nose which requires straightening, Small nose that needs  building up, a mild to moderate bump on the bridge of the nose or drooping of the nasal tip, a nose that needs refinement after surgical rhinoplasty, or noses that need more height, definition and a nose tip.


Which type of Dermal filler is used?

The most common Dermal fillers used are Hyaluronic acid (such as Juvederm) and Radiesse.

Hyaluronic acid is a versatile substance found throughout the body. It provides volume and the effect is reversible.

Radiesse is an injectable implant composed of synthetically produced calcium hydroxilapatite. This is injected into the skin to provide volume and stucture, stimulating collagen production. Results are clinically proven to last a year or more in many patients


Procedure: Dermal filler is injected in small quantities and in a precise location so that there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure. Results are immediate and adjustments can be made as the face changes over time to ensure that the patient maintains a natural look.

A non surgical nose job allows correction of your nose without surgery whilst retaining a natural look.

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