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Stretch marks are a common complication following significant weight loss or weight gain ,over a short period of time. Stretch marks are also common after pregnancy because the skin lacks the elasticity to adapt to the rapid distention. This incresed stress causes the fibres of the skin to rupture and leads to changes in the structure of the tissues.  This process results in colour changes to the skin which initially becomes red and causes itching and, after a time, becomes white.


It is best to treat stretch marks is as soon as they appear and whilst the marks are still red because fantastic results can be achieved at this early stage. However if time has passed and stretch marks have become white we can still significantly improve the appearance of the skin by reducing the size of the marks whilst also improving the tension of the skin. 


The treatment involves bio stimulation to create new collagen and to stimulate the tissues to regain their original structure. The treatment also stimulates the formation of elastin which improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin.


This treatment is based on mesotheraphy with  vitamins, amino acids or silicium but it is sometimes necessary to combine this with different techniques such as Micro Needling ( Derma Pen) , Dermaroller or Carboxitherapy. The treatment is painless but more than one session is required and time is needed to let the skin repair itself and produce the collagen and elastin which it needs.

The treatment consists in bioestimulation to create new collagen and estimulate the skin to have its original arquitecture.



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