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At Gabriela Aguilar Medical Aesthetics Ltd, we are continuously striving to offer the highest possible level of care to all our patients. As part of this objective, we have developed a Quality Improvement plan, designed to put in place systems to monitor our service, identify areas which can be improved and take swift and effective action to further improve the quality of care we offer.


Our aim is to offer care that is effective, safe and provides as positive an experience as possible by being caring, responsive and person-centred.


The dimensions of Quality


  • Our key areas for assessing quality for people who use our service are: 


SAFE: Ensuring that our company policies, working practices and ongoing staff training creates a safe environment and reduces the risk of complications or negative outcomes for our patients.


EFFECTIVE: Providing services based on evidence that produce a clear outcome.


EXPERIENCE: To be responsive and person-centred, ensuring that our services respond to people’s needs and choices and enable them to be equal partners in their own care.



  • Our key areas for assessing quality of people who provide our services are:


WELL-LED: Our staff are open and committed to learning and improving


SUSTAINABLE: We use resources responsibly and efficiently. We provide fair and equal access to all.


EQUITABLE: The quality of our care does not vary because of a person’s characteristics.





Quality improvement strategies


1. Quality improvement governance:


All staff are aware of the following strategies and are included in the approaches and steps outlined below.


Quality of service is assessed and monitored through regular staff meetings. These meetings include:


  • Review of all policies and procedures and amendments which may be required following reflection of practice, patient feedback or events which have highlighted areas for improvement.  


  • Regular training through workshops, conferences and seminars to ensure that Dr. Aguilar has up to date information to inform medical decisions or changes regarding consultation, treatment, products, procedures and aftercare. 


  • An annual appraisal undertaken between Dr Aguilar and BCAM to ensure that Dr Aguilar’s working practises are safe and effective and that all requirements are met.


  • Regular staff training. All statutory training is undertaken and updated as required. Additional training will also be provided should it be identified that such training would improve the quality of service we provide. 


  • Regular review of patient feedback by all staff. This will inform decisions on how to improve the quality of care we provide. Actions will be taken to amend our policies and procedures if it is in the interest of improving patient safety, satisfaction or outcomes. 


  • Ongoing reviews to ensure that policies and procedures reflect the latest guidance and requirements from governing bodies and government agencies. This will include continuous monitoring of  MHRA notifications and regular review of GMC, HSE, CQC and government guidance and requirements. 


  • Ongoing reviews of products and medicines used for treatment. This will include information gained at conferences, workshops, seminars and wider research to ensure that the most effective and up to date medical equipment and products are sourced and administered within the clinic. 



Each aspect of our quality improvement plan is underpinned by 3 key questions:


  • ‘What are we trying to accomplish?’ 

  • ‘How will we know that a change is an improvement?’ 

  • ‘What changes can we make that will result in an improvement?’ 


We welcome your feedback regarding how we could improve our service. Please ask our staff for further details about our aims and quality improvement plans.

If you would like to make any suggestions about how we could improve our service, please use the link below:

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