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At this age you can notice:


-Moderate or severe post solar  exposure hyperpigmentation

-Moderate or severe wrinkles in  Forehead & Glabellar

-Moderate hollowness

-Alterations in hydration of the Skin

-Fine skin lines

-Moderate Dynamic and Static  wrinkles

-Moderate or severe Nasolabial Folds

-Moderate or Severe Smile Lines

-Moderate loss of cheek Volume

-Moderate Marionette Lines

-Moderate Loss of lip volume

-Flat arch of the Eyebrow

-Mild sagging in lower face



Treatments Recommended:


-Chemical peels to improve the  quality of the skin

-Mesotherapy to improve skin  hydration

-Lip Augmentation

-Dermarroller / Micro Needling to  stimulate Collagen  production

-Dermal fillers to correct  folds &  Lines

-Dermal fillers to correct volume loss

-Botox to improve dynamic wrinkles

-PDO Threads to stimulate Collagen  production and  correct sagging

-Soft Silhouette to improve sagging

-PRP to stimulate Collagen  production

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