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Acne is  a common skin disease that frequently appears in teenagers or after hormonal changes. Acne has various grades of severity and is caused by an alteration in the production of oil in the skin which can lead to inflammation infection.


In some cases acne is simply a phase and passes with out leaving scars, but in more severe cases it can cause damage to the skin, as result of deep inflammation,  causing scars. The severity of the scars varies depending on the shape and depth, but all scars can cause distress to the patient due to the negative impact on the appearance of the skin.


Mesotheraphy with amino acids, combined with  Micro Needling,Carboxitherapy or Chemical Peel, helps to improve the appearnce by increasing collagen production and reducing the depth of the scar. The use of peeling improves the overall quality of the skin, stimulating regeneration, and new tissue formation. Peeling also helps to prevent the formation of new spots by regulating the production of oil in the skin. 


These are simple and painless procedures. Mesotherapy may cause mild bruising after treatment but the patient can continue with normal activities. Peeling may cause temporary redness and it is very imprtant to protect the treated area from igh exposure to sunlight following treatment. More than 2 sessions are usually requires to achieve a good result to get a good result is necessary in general more than 2 sessions. An initial consulation will allow for a diagnosis to decide the best treatment for each individual patient.



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