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A key factor of beauty is the appearance of the skin and since the skin is the first thing to be affected by ageing skin treatments are very important. This treatment prevent the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, sagging or dehydration. With age, the quantity and quality of the collagen decreases, resulting in signs of  fine lines, sagging and less hydratation.

Mesotheraphy is a technique which allows us to add the vitamins, minerals and amino acid which the skin needs. This is achieved with minimal injections which are painless and very superficial and which give the skin the nutrients and all that it needs to remain in good condition. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are very important in the appareance of the skin, and the health and youthful appearance of the skin depends on the quantity and quality of these proteins.


Amino Acids are fundamental for the production of collagen. They form part of the collagen and combine with Vitamins and Minerals to create an improvement and a bio stimulation to the tissues so is the most natural way to improve the quality of the skin. This treatment simply stimulates fibroblast and gives the cells what they need to work efficiently, without the use of any artificial product.










Vitamins, Amino Acids

& Hyaluronic Acid


Mesotheraphy is a treatment to improve the appareance of the skin in the most natural way and prevent the signs of ageing just giving to the skin the conditions and nutrients it needs to be in perfect condition.

Various kinds of products exist for use in mesotherapy and the product depends on the skin, age and needs of each patient. Some products are aimed at improving the hydratation whilst others prevent or correct sagging skin,  but all products will  improve and mantain the appearance of the skin.



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