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Research shows that Covid 19 spreads primarily from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth, expelled when a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or speaks. This is why it is important to keep 2 meters apart to prevent transference. These droplets can land on objects and surfaces and people can become infected by touching these contaminated surfaces and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth. This is why it is important to regularly and thoroughly wash your hands. The virus can survive on some surfaces for up to 72 hours.

Please rest assured that Dr. Gabriela Aguilar Medical Aesthetics Ltd. has put in place a number of preventative measures to minimise risk. These include cleaning the clinic after each patient using a powerful virucidal/bacterial disinfectant on all door handles and hard surfaces. 

All our services will be delivered in line with UK governments social distancing measures and fully compliant with all PPE guidance from Public Health England and NHS England.



Strict hygiene standards

We always maintain excellent hygiene standards within our clinic. However, due to the ability of Covid-19 to remain on some surfaces for a prolonged period of time, we have further increased our clinic measures. Before an after each patient visits the clinic, all surfaces in areas where they may have come into contact with staff or patients will be disinfected. This includes surfaces such as door handles, bannisters, sinks, chairs and work surfaces. We will also, as always, conduct procedures with sterile and clean equipment, making use of PPE where needed. Our staff will also be asked to disinfect their hands thoroughly on a regular basis and both staff and patients will be required to do so whenever entering or leaving the clinic. 

Social distancing

We will follow the practice of social distancing as closely as we can at all times and in all areas of the clinic. To support this, bookings will be taken via our webpage, by phone or by using WhatsApp in order to reduce unnecessary travel and attendance at our clinic. Our booking system is designed so that only one patient is in the clinic at any time. If, for any reason,  you are asked to sit in our waiting room with other patients, we have will ensure that everybody sits 2m apart from each other in observation of safe social distancing guidelines.

Staying safe

As always, we will be asking all of our staff to maintain a high standard of hygiene and we will also be instructing them to make us aware if they are displaying any symptoms of the virus. They will then be asked to remain at home for the appropriate period of time. Likewise, if you are experiencing any of  symptoms associated with Covid 19, we must insist that you stay at home and reschedule your appointment. We would also recommend that you follow NHS guidelines and contact NHS 111 if you have concerns. 



 We are implementing these measures in the interest of your safety and        the safety of our staff. If you have any questions regarding this, please          contact the clinic to discuss them.



  • Before visiting the clinic, you will be asked to answer a series of questions related to your health and any risk of exposure to Covid 19. Please answer all these questions honestly and accurately. 

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive early, you will be asked to wait outside the clinic until your appointment time.

  • Please arrive without jewellery

  • Appointments are strictly timed to allow for deep cleaning between appointments.

  • You must arrive at the clinic unaccompanied. If there is a medical reason why you must be accompanied, other individuals will be subject to the same series of questions and clinic safety measures. 

  • You must not bring children and should bring the minimum amount of belongings. We recommend visiting without bags and large coats where possible.

  • When arriving at the clinic,  please wait outside and a member of our staff will open the door for you to reduce unnecessary contact with handles.

  • You must bring your own pen to sign the consent forms.

  • On arrival a member of staff will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If your temperature is measured at 37.8 degrees or above, you will be asked to rebook for a new appointment in at least 3 weeks time.

  • I will require you to disinfect your hands  on arrival and on leaving the clinic. We will provide equipment to do this.

  • Please bring a face mask for the appointment. This should cover the nose and mouth and fit snuggly on the face. 

  • Should you become unwell within the 2-3 weeks after your treatment, please inform us in order to enable contact tracing.

  • Whenever possible, please make payment for treatment by card. Our card reader will be disinfected after every use.





Please read patient recommendations and the questionnaire carefully and answer each question honestly. Please tell us your answers as soon as possible and before visiting the clinic. Please do not visit the clinic without providing your questionnaire answers as you will, unfortunately, be unable to enter. On arrival at the clinic, you will be asked to complete the questionnaire again to ensure that we have the most up to date information possible. We recommend you avoid public transport if possible.

  • Do you have a fever or have you had an elevated temperature in the last 14 days (temperature 37.8)?

  • Have you had a cough or any other respiratory symptoms in the last 14 days?

  • Have you had or are you experiencing diarrhea or other digestive issues in the last 14 days?

  • Do you currently feel, or have you felt very tired or upset in the last 14 days?

  • Have you noticed a loss of sense of taste or smell in the last 14 days?

  • Have you had any type of skin irritation, rash or change of skin colour in the last 14 days, which was not present before this time?

  • Are you pregnant?

  • Have you been in contact (work or social) or living with any person suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19?

  • If so, did you ignore government guidance to self–isolate for a minimum of 21 days?

  • Are you still in a period of self-isolation?

  • Are you over 70 years of age?

  • Do you have any medical history or condition which would mean that you fall into the category of ‘Vulnerable’ or ‘extremely vulnerable persons, according to current Public Health England guidelines?

  • Do you have any other reason to suspect that you may currently be infected with COVID 19?

  • Have you traveled internationally and returned to the UK in the past 14 days from a country outside of the government's current common travel area?

  • Please follow the link below to check this:


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