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Localized fat & Cellulite

Body Mesotherapy is a non-invasive technique that introduces homeopathic medicines under the skin to reduce cellulite, improve the skin circulation and reduce localised fat where dieting alone is not enough.


Mesotherapy was initially developed for its many medical uses including treatment for anxiety, fibromyalgia, dystrophy, etc.


Mesotherapy is a good alternative for people who have localised areas of fat that just won't seem to budge with a healthy diet and exercise, after this treatment patient’s skin appears significantly smoother.


Mesotherapy stimulates body’s metabolism helping to eliminate fat and improve the texture skin effectively and painless.


Its required a series of treatment. The number of sessions is determined by the response of each patient and the desired results.

The results are noticeable  from 5-8 sessions. You will see decreases in localised fat, cellulite improvement and it also helps to combat fluid retention.

Where is Body Mesotherapy used?

* Legs

* Abdomen

*Love Handles

*Uper Arms


*Bra Bulge

*Inner Legs


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