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In this site you will be able to find out more about the aesthetic and rejuvenating treatments the Dr. Aguilar Practice offers, and whether they may be of interest to you. We offer a range of non surgical cosmetic treatments for both men and women such as fat disolving injections, Botox, Dermal fillers, Non Surgical Facelift,Chemical peelings, Mesotheraphy,etc . Using only the latest treatments to offer the most advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine, whilst always focusing on achieving a natural look.  All procedures are carried out by Dr. Gabriela Aguilar, an experienced Aesthetic Doctor.



Non surgical treatments

Our aim

Our aim is to provide anti ageing treatments and procedures that complement and enhace the existing beauty of our patients with the most natural result.

Welcome to the Dr. Gabriela Aguilar Practice

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The PDO Threads activates a natural regenerative process and increases the collagen production obtaining a tightened and lifted skin. Non surgical facelift.

Range of advanced medical aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers to replace lost volume, muscle relaxing injections to improve wrinkles, etc. Applied to give a natural more youthful appearance.

Alternative to surgical procedure to improve the shape of the nose. For filling in a dental or a low bridge or adding tip projection.

Treatment to reduce volume, sculpt the body and get rid of stubborn fat. Non surgical procedure.

Lift sagging skin on the face, jowels and neck, increase collagen production. Non surgical procedure.



Dermal fillers are the most popular treatment to restore volume and give a youthful appearance.

PROFHILO is a new hyaluronic acid for bioremodeling skin laxity.

PRP or Vampire Facelift is a natural treatment to improve the condition of your skin, revitalise and increase collagen production.

Non surgical procedure to restore a plump appearance to aging lips or improve the shape of the lips.

The revolutionary treatment that banishes the eyebags.

Non surgical procedure using Botox to sculpt the lower face.



Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler that restore volume and also stimulates the skin's natural collagen synthesis.

Dermal fillers are injected at varying depths to plump the cheek area and restore natural volume and fullness instantly.

A strong chin is an important element of an attractive face. An ample chin can add definition, help create symmetry and bring balance to facial features.

Mesotherapy & Chemical peel. Treatment to improve the appearance, hydratation and sagging of the skin, stimulate new collagen and reduce the signs of ageing. Improve hyperpigmentation.

Derma Pen is the most professional high speed micro needle system for medical use. Enabling a greater stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

Chemical peels allow us to induce the formation of new skin and to improve the appearance of skin by stimulating new tissue and removing all dead skin cells.

Mesotheraphy is a technique which allows us to add the vitamins, minerals and amino acid which the skin needs.

Carboxitherapy refers to the subcutaneous administration of Carbon Dioxide to increase the blood circulation, improve skin appearance and encourages collagen repair also to improve dark under-eye circles.



This treatment is ideal for small fat deposits on the face and neck. It may be used to reduce double chin, chubby cheeks and jowls.

Sculptra is used to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds. An effective treatment for facial contouring & volumising.

IF YOU ARE 20 is a treatment to prevent signs of ageing. Improving alteration in the skin oil production reducing spots. Improves hydration and appearance of the skin and

IF YOU ARE 30 is a treatment to restore the first signs of ageing. Restoring lost volume, reducing moderate dynamic wrinkles and improving the appearance of the skin.

IF YOU ARE 40 is a treatment to bring you a more youthful appearance. Restoring volume, reducing moderate to severe dynamic and static wrinkles.

IF YOU ARE OVER 50 is a treatment to restore lost volume, improve severe or very severe dynamic and static wrinkles and bring you a more youthful appearance.

This treatment is used for reduction of acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks or sun damaged and pigmentation skin.

Treatment to reduce the scarring caused by acne. Improves the appearance and condition of the skin. With mesotherapy using aminoacids in combination with chemical peel.

This treatment temporarily block the nerves that stimulates sweating

Body Mesotherapy is a non-invasive technique that introduces homeopathic medicines under the skin to reduce cellulite, improve the skin circulation and reduce localised fat.

It is an ideal treatment for patients who want to reaffirm their skin and eliminate flaccidity without surgery

Treatment to remove so called Spider veins on the legs.

Reduces the effect of stretch marks by improving the elasticity and quality ok skin. Also thickens skin and reduces discolouration.

Mesotherapy procedure for slowing down or stopping hair loss, stimulating regrowth. This treatment also results in stronger, thicker hair. Suitable for both men and women.

Carboxitherapy refers to the cutaneous and subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) for therapeutic purposes. Improves Cellulite, circulation, skin appearance and scars.

So natural no–one would know

We encourage you to book for a consultation so that we can understand your requirements and give you the best advice to get the best result possible. Maybe you know what areas of your appearance concern you, but you are not sure of which treatment is best.

You can ask us any question, any time that you get the best experience.

Learn more about the latest procedures in Aesthetic Medicine and view our before & after treatments.


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